Busy Mama Planner for Co-Parents and Stepmoms

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Custody schedules, work schedules, school calendars, extracurricular activity schedules, holidays, events... there is SO MUCH to keep track of!

one-of-a-kind CO-PARENTING planner and life organizer, designed specifically for busy co-parents and stepparents just like you! Get organized and stay on top of blended family schedules with the completely customizable Busy Mama Planner!

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*These pages are copyrighted material and are not to be replicated or resold.*

  • Keep track of you and your family’s important information.
  • Special co-parenting pages give you space to track custody schedules, holiday plans, extracurricular activities, and more!
  • Stay on top of important dates, gifts, and goals!
  • Keep it custom – take pages in and out as you please!
  • Monthly and weekly calendar pages give you freedom to plan the way you like.
  • and so much more!!

With the Busy Mama Planner, all your thoughts are collected in one place. You can keep track of everything – from family schedules to bill due dates, from medical info to weekly to-do lists. Jot down all your thoughts down on paper in a neat, organized way. 

What’s Included

Every planner comes with monthly 2-page spread calendars, weekly calendars also across 2-pages, contact information pages, notes pages, and lots of extra goodies. Those extra goodies include:

  • Password cheat sheet.
  • Medical information charts.
  • Insurance and doctor pages.
  • “When was the last time I…” cleaning list.
  • Reading bucket list.
  • Dates to remember page.
  • Gift list.
  • Monthly goal sheets.
  • Bi-monthly grocery lists.
  • And more!

The co-parenting section includes:

  • Co-parenting goals sheet.
  • Additional blank contact information page.
  • “Custody at a glance” calendar.
  • Weekly custody schedule page.
  • Extracurricular activities sheets.
  • Holiday schedules pages.
  • School holidays page.

Remember – this listing is for PDF DOWNLOAD ONLY. You will need to print and bind to complete your planner!

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