Just Us Girls! Stepmom + Stepdaughter Guided Journal

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We're as excited about this as you are. Mother-daughter journals have become a trend lately, but we couldn't find a single one geared toward [step]mothers and [step]daughters... until now! 

Our guided, shared journal contains 30 activity pages to build your bond with your stepdaughter. It has everything from silly fill-in-the-blank daydreams to bare-your-soul opportunities for conversation - everything girls love to talk about. It also includes a blank lined sheet, which you can print as many times as necessary for some good old fashioned journaling. 

This product is a 33-page digital download, which means if there is an activity (or ten) that you adore, you can print as many copies of it as you like. We suggest three hole punching the pages and putting them into a 1/2" binder so you're able to add sheets or rearrange them as you wish.

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